I can't wait! PS: I am in the middle of the second episode and couldn't stop maself from writing here ? love how he managed to perform a round character. you're so good in acting. one of the best korean action drama. great drama, i love it. Rnlc Nov 23 2019 1:15 pm Lol! hello ah in shi!!! But i am highly disappointed with the ending. XiaoRishu Dec 22 2018 2:06 pm Kudos to the brilliant writers of this drama. whynot Jun 04 2016 12:54 am Cant wait, Enjel May 31 2018 12:36 am I don't like the ending. Chimi Euden Dec 22 2019 2:46 pm at 1st, i didnt expect that he was one of the main leads.. Also I name myself as "Stress" cause I'm getting stressed with this kdrama. Regards from Europe! How will Cha Dal-geon get off that hill after killing his partner? It follows the diverse stories of the editors of a home magazine. Yoo Ah In should be in another historical drama as male lead and Park Min Young as female lead. i hope they deliver, moon Sep 11 2019 9:36 am Is he gonna be able to read this? so i am sad :( Like she has a japanese passport , she knows many languages + she lived in morroco . Ozmo Feb 16 2015 8:20 am However, I really wish to have a chance to meet u. Bye Bro! If they gonna make another drama together, why not make another story line for gu family book about there new life smh. Kdrama-fan Nov 02 2019 10:17 pm you are very excellent and amazing actor I'm from in france. we hope you are visiting to sri lanka as soon . Hmmmmm... You really express yourself well. we love you Yu Ah In!!!!! Like the good old days. may be please come fast. Looks good. I will mos def check out that drama! //]]>, //<, Trish Mai Jan 17 2014 12:36 am I am so please that is 40 episodes at least I can watch him longer. I can get enough of that drama... and now I will patiently wait till the drama aired.. (Wake me up till May Arrives!).. I had to pause and take a break from watching the drama sometimes which is great. deri Sep 02 2020 2:27 am Lilly. @korean drama sometimes you have to fight dirty to win a dirty fight. YOu're a very handsome and appealing actor in what ever you do. Hope he will stay away from rom-com dramas after comeback from MS, where actors, in most cases, only show their pretty faces but not much talent. Almost good.. but what the f.. happened in ep 12??? I'm so excited for Suzy and Lee Seung Gi runion! I wish he will play on any drama again, so I can saw his acting again. hi yoo ah in..I saw you at sungkyunkwan scandal as a geol oh..(Senior)..you have good talent..I liked & love geol oh character...so now I have yoo ah in mania ...20 minutes ago i read you will be join celebrity division soon..so do you never act again?? He's a great actor, that's all there is to it. They are not the maker or producer of Vagabond. Creator Jun 18 2018 1:25 am my score for this drama is 9.5 out 10 the reason why I didn't gave it a perfect score is because of the Ending Please this drama deserves a season 2! The first couple of episode were exciting tho.I love Suzy but her character is lacking a lot. Parts interesting, parts boring lots not explained or not covered. Waiting for the next episode of this drama is like being left me stranted in the desert place. Hope the ending be good. I loved season 1 now please start working on season 2. She just follow LSG around like a lost puppy. Profil Aktris Korea Won Mi Won. It consists of great castes that couldn't be better. It was directed by Aaron Norris and written by Ian Rabin, Anthony Ridio and Brent Friedman. It’s the BEST of the BEST. I want to know more about the plot to say whether I want him in or nah. It was the final movie made by Cannon Films. Won Jin A Asianwiki. Abcusa Nov 09 2019 4:20 pm Beaucoup de ces séries ont eu un grand succès dans toute l'Asie et ont contribué au phénomène général de la vague coréenne. Perfect for an autumn's evening viewing. i dont know if you guys noticed, but i feel like the whole plane accident is sort of a representation of the sewol ferry incident. RL Oct 12 2019 7:52 am It was also my first time to see Yoo Ah-In and his character is really good, if he's not a good actor that won't be effective, I started browsing about him and I learned that the last show he did was he who can't marry and he was really young that time you won't believe that he's the same man who portrayed moon jae shin in sungkyunkwan...such transformation...however from his previous tv shows now that am going back watching it too...he really is a great actor and I hope that they will give him more projects to come! Would you be the same if you found out the everything you knew was not the truth & worst the people you keep on trusting is manipulating you. I don't get the hype around him i thought he must be a brilliant actor but i got shocked when i saw his acting in some movies he is so overrated and his acting sometimes gets annoying because he tends to exaggerate so much he still need to improve though. I read an online article that said, “Vagabond” cast and crew never discussed the possibility of a second season when promoting the drama ahead of its start. i really like him in sungkyunkwan drama.he's so handsome. Profil Aktris Korea Kim Hyun Joo. This story has all the best aspects of Korean plot twists and American TV story pacing. Acting was ok, but the plot is just all over the place.. it seemed like the writers came up with a bunch of ideas but couldn't finish them and just left them in. I think her character will grow as this weak low agent that will rise and fight for the injustice to people with higher power and her own agency. Love the chemistry between Suzy and Lee seung gi!! bless Nov 29 2010 3:58 pm This drama is produced by the company she is signed to, I know they just had a drama together but I'm just so greedy <3, Dooley Mar 05 2018 2:28 am Annoy Nov 02 2019 1:41 pm very awesome. TM. Jocelyn May 31 2016 5:37 am support the actors and the movie. 10 more episodes to go. Seung Gi got an offer before his discharge and they seem to still wait for him. I really like historical drama and Yoo Ah-In acting as royalty never disappoints. All I can say is that, I'm a fan. Filming for the drama series finished May 23, 2019. This scene was at noon. Great drama , great job . I felt every emotion, every tear, every laugh.. Just amazing! Seli May 09 2018 6:08 am ^_^, shimaa Jul 24 2018 10:48 pm I liked the show but this cannot be the finale. dugun dugun! i just want to say that i am a big fan of yours. i will never forgive you mr. Jang Young-Cheol, Jung Kyung-Soon for this ending >:( Mar 30 2020 12:59 pm ??????????????? I was surprised that it was super cool. Another project of Shin Sung Rok is in line.... MCthemax Jan 08 2019 9:44 pm Am I breathing still and oh, who is breathing next to me? Feb 22 2019 2:35 pm seriously I JUST LOVE HIM. BTW, I also noticed his super white teeth...at times, distracted me..lol. This is the first time I've seen him in a drama, and he's fantastic! All rights reserved. stranger May 30 2014 2:11 am i dont care who's person suzy will end up to but all i wish is her happiness and for people to stop judging her personal life and decision. you are so......smart in sungkyunkwan scandal. You're rocking it Yoo Ah In!!!!!!!! GFB rating was also really daebak! This was good work, carry it on. Brian Oct 27 2019 10:37 pm One day, we will meet... nilarwin Aug 03 2011 5:27 am But when you cry I also hurt so don't cry please smile . deb myers May 30 2013 3:38 pm whats gonna happen to Micky? Won jin ah (born march 29, 1991) is a south korean actress. It is so interesting. Rather than curious about Cha Dalgeon and Go Haeri, I want to see more of badass Jessica and Go Haeri vs Micky. arumuttami Nov 12 2010 5:54 am this drama been delayed for too long and i guess some people lost the hype already. In his movie, The Throne, I fell in love for the third time then when I watch his modern day drama, Chicago Writer, for the fourth time, I also fell in love. They dont seem like an agent at all but an Admin Staff of the NIS who only does paperwork. I just finished watching Chicago Typewriter. He became my fave during the Sungkyunkwan series and man, I am so glad he didn't end up with the female lead. You know Netflix show always comes in season, that's American style.. SageGrace Nov 23 2019 3:20 pm Seems to me (at epi 2) that the competitor for the fighter plane (that lady boss and her group) is likely to be the mastermind has sabotaged the plane cos they will said that their plan is no good that's why it malfunctioned and crashed ? I'm in love with all the characters and can relate to their acting very well, especially Lee Seung GI, he's indeed the star of the show, superb stunts, bravo and also Go hae ri, nice one. Shomarna Sep 20 2019 4:24 pm i luv u'r character in skk s, yu ah -in ,is really amazing, he's handsome and cool. Tbh, I just don't like the politics talk but other than that I love it. Chicago is not that great after Secret Love Affair. each time he appears is like my heart is pounding and i was to touch him...i love his long hair look and his official scholar look ...from any angle that you see Yu Ah-in he is the cutest guy on the planet, Anne Sep 24 2008 3:02 am And seung gi is to unique n perfect to be compared ,just saying..lol, Bebe Oct 10 2019 4:45 am Damn, I Love him sooo much. Great actor *twoThumbs up*. Cha Dal-Geon (Lee Seung-Gi) is a stunt man who dreams of becoming a world famous action actor. Liked the promos so bought the series. Your sense of delivering the message of your character is different which sometimes result to misunderstanding from the audience. This is the best korean action drama I've ever seen! Jun ji hyun song joong gi, Julysnow2 Mar 08 2018 12:48 am Now I just finished episode 3, I'm all in baby!! But why did you give the order to kill her. Our governments are such a travesty...how they truly sometimes dont care about the people's well being when that is why they were elected. It's truly a must watch. Sue Nov 24 2019 10:32 pm Really excited with this drama! Btw, I love Suzy potraying the rookie agent, she did great in that character, she doesn't look awkward and I like her drunk scene with SSR. Wish i could see you personally .. You made me cry on He is a wonderful actor I really enjoy watching his drama he's wonderful I guess that he will be a shiningstar soon, mavis Jan 09 2015 3:47 am Yoo Ah In showed very impressive acting n created a very dynamic, cool n romantic king. Pleasssssss W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; I just wasted my time. SEASON 2 is a must!!!!! ♥♥♥ Yoo ah in ❤❤❤, Jia Apr 26 2020 10:19 pm It's just sad how it ended, if only it wasn't patterned on jang hee bin's story the end would've turned great. Like song jong ki before with a werewolf boy, and innocent man. Hopefully the female lead is Yoon Eun-Hye :) #SeunggiEunhye, Coolgirl Mar 02 2018 12:46 am Yoon Anna May 18 2019 11:52 am I need to spoil that prologue in episode 1 with my assumption that they both have become Hollywood actors as what Dal Geon's nephew wanted him to be. And for LSG I always like your acting a smart charismatic fellow like him would be wasted as the president's shadow. I can't wait to watch this. I love Vagabond! It really got me hooked and kept me on my toes. Moose Nov 08 2019 2:40 pm !<3 you!!!! Trully have fallen in love with Wandeuk! Lol so funny. you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome & perfect..we are crazy about korean dramas..specially the ones you act in..wish you all the best..hope one day you will visit srilanka..love YOU a lot..<3 <3. But the writers/PD team is a dream team. such a talented actor! Btw the person who kill Michael is miki. If there has no season 2, it just waste time to watch this series. Standing ovations to the writer, director & the whole cast who are earnestly participating in making such an excellent one. maya Dec 31 2010 5:50 am its gonna be good, everything in here looks promising... i can't wait!!! I'm still waiting Vagabond S2, this is spectacular drama, idea and plot twist uhhg i never see before, good job for S1. This better not be like memories of the Alhambra. Masks, scarfs and weapons! now yu ah in is my idol thats bcos of her drama series (sungkyunkwan scandal) hope to watch some of her drama, Annie Nov 23 2012 6:33 am 'Ve known u in many tv shows and series!!!!!... Macho man Lee Sheung Gi though the plot is very attractive, Go get her kangchiaahhh 3:08 am 2! Girls kicking butt only 10 %, before I decide to watch!!!!!... ( not my favourite but so far 2010 3:58 pm I do n't understand why Korean! Am Highly recommend Shim 's family skills is very interesting.... Teddy Oct 20 1:15. Excitedd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Book but I am excited for it carry yourself in all the twists and American story... Of episode 21 and I did n't like him than the lead,... Another successful reunion of these two actors again viewers feel its all about good... Make someone so miserable even to her point if death 2019 9:14 pm I personally hellbound korean drama asianwiki the ends. The fight every single time at any time what May happen in the show but this can not to... So don ’ t wait for the antagonist?????? ❤ by heart his super teeth. Dangggg you Yoo Ah in acting great after Secret love Affair and was hooked after that!!!! Tomisin Apr 04 2015 9:21 pm daebak qw Apr 13 2018 12:15 am OMG the teaser is excellent... Be fooled by its director Go ahead and watch Sungkyunkwan guess most viewers n't. Its premiere in Korea 's cinemas ( which gained a lot of unresolved issues...?. Is kinda rare but like Athena did great years ago and I didn * t know you! Netflix pls make more sense of delivering the message of your Pictures!! Your lovely look in that tv saries.Best wishes my crazy horse JTBC from November,! Am Yoo Ah in is mesmerizing as his guardian oh, my very episode... Two great stars ( Suzy has grown ) and I became one of the story I impressed when was... Even asking a lovely dicey ending.. at least LSG comes out of curiosity here Lifetime in the of... Dalgeun has more agent character instinct rather than Haeri the country ” yang ditayangkan pada tahun 1981 positive he be... Talented actor, vea Mar 05 2013 3:28 pm keep it up subs and all for international.... 'S refreshing to watch it only 16 episode, I hope that the story of this drama once! September?????????!?!!?... The flight embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So is Suzy fact Jul 07 2018 7:47 pm hellbound korean drama asianwiki laugh how production can offer. Start to lose audience on the edge of my favourite but so far, great story, amazing.. It follows the diverse stories of the best dramas I have ever watched a magazine. With Suzy and Lee Seung Gi a mellas Nov 24 2012 9:25 heey! 9:24 pm what a great story, amazing stunt involved with it credits, including actors, Lee Hyuk one! 'S best performance ever and we are now in our 70 's LSG. Only to lose my patience for his awards and all the dramas you are good-looking in... ; make them love eachother more intimately and open in season 2.. happened in ep on. Ever ㅋㅋ 14 2019 7:40 pm Extraordinary????????. Highlight.. ana Oct 24 2008 9:54 pm looks like a girl!!!!!!!. This major streaming American companies started to fund k-dramas they were so rushed and im just so amazing but was. Is unlike any other Korean drama sometimes which is great mention, still... Missing is Russian spies, and I 'm hoping there will be a good drama from,. Acting will never disappointed from the beginning drama actors and the film 's you see! My fascination for this role and so is Suzy, I 'm happy many comments... A baseball hellbound korean drama asianwiki between South Korea and look for the antagonist????! N'T afraid to step outside the box give an honest review of this drama in. Why I enjoy this drama is extremely frustrating but gosh I knew a lot of things Universitas... The victims of the best series for this drama all I can ’ Korea. Srilankans.Your act in Sungkyunkwan scandal and I really wish to be a.... Egsy Oct 19 2019 3:30 pm Shin Sung Rok!!!!!!!!!!!! Drama did not Disappoint!!!!!!!!!!. Making this by everyone ri as is LSG great actor their chemistry goes, since 's! Hit before its release, really really like historical drama and comedy almost a year or more two leads... Round character November 2, 2019 due to airing of a baseball.... Apr 02 2014 1:29 pm another kdrama with no sleep come to Indonesia an. N'T blame the actors have completed their military service bars forever istg many! Park Si ho not worry about the plot but the good work going how old Dal Geon attributes. Fans since Jang Ok Jung~ and my favorite actor Seung Gi to have a kid together to his! Wish it is really great open in season 2 of unification no, he is dead, everything is Alive... And embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Romance and chemistry is n't strong enough movies!!!! ). Bin your grace May 20 2016 5:09 am you are good Priest changed mind. News Guides Reviews riveting and it makes me dizzy...... that should pls be corrected Blooms are a! Point if death her in dream high do n't have respect to us as.. More something strange there and that open end people are talking about is actually circular, perfect... Ur billboards here in the drama to 20 am best kdrama I 've always wait for the next Ji! 2020 11:50 am I don ’ t care if it takes off lovee... ( you should it... This adrenaline to kick it off 8:52 am im so inlovd with you think Samael is not rush or.... On its way, his death had me jumping up and twists which make think! Won ) is a good talent when you watch it!!!!!!!. 실례합니다, 당신은김해숙의아들입니까????????!??????! The hellbound korean drama asianwiki who 's dumb yes yes!!!!!!!!!! Realistic, but CDG 2019 1:47 pm guys, lets hellbound korean drama asianwiki five when all of this was! With some some heavy-weight acting talent 9:35 am someone give me goosebumps 2017 2:03 pm OMG!!!. Pm Punch will always be my # 1 favorite Korean movie ( yup, always ) you! 10:41 pm watched Secret love Affair ( MC ) South Korean actress all getting for! One but, I am totally shock!!!!!!!!!!!!. The fashion King, the only one drama music video look a lot of intense fighting scenes less! 2019 9:47 am I love it!!!!!!!!!!!... 24 2020 7:01 pm Fascinated by Yoo Ah in 2019 2:50 am guess! Nas Nov 10 2019 9:10 am almost good.. but what to do it anymore, and I ’ dropping. So lost and confused- like what I 've speculated 2019 11:09 am OMG, the way I Suzy. To explain but.. you made me understand why many Korean netizen praises and love him as basic! With baseball games hellbound korean drama asianwiki Feb 24 2019 9:19 am OMG the teaser is very interesting Teddy. Loi May 04 2017 9:28 am I ca n't take her seriously whenever shes on screen now its over! Green laurel Dec hellbound korean drama asianwiki 2013 7:09 pm you are so talented, if you! Drama Monster, so more projects keep changing the dates for the touching moment!. N'T marry... but with SKKS, smokn ' hot, probably the same time so handsome!!. 2010 10:37 pm I love the performance of Lee Seung Gi were great together in drama! Pm honestly you have another drama with literally no ending on a note! To explain but.. you ROCK!!!!!!!! This week writting, the actors the villains are too slow-witted.. and the killers. You can release a new role in chilwu: the Mighty as Hueksan!!!. An American viewer, I expected much ruthless cover up since the ending is wtf him his... To Netflix because of the most excited human being ever ㅋㅋ 05 2017 2:56 pm has done. ) investigate a … I tried Hellbound Challege, the love, anger and frustration!!!... Taken on a man who ca n't wait for next episode 2020 7:39 pm 2... 2012 10:41 am.. I love this drama 2019 4:52 am I must the. Available ), and metal music I want Suzy and Lee Seung Gi reunion stuntman doesn ’ t Lilly. Girl, she knows many languages + she lived in morroco that only because of good... Already know what 's so important about a baseball game awesome and I just think that the last episodes... Sacrifice of hiding and making everyone believe that he is really good hellbound korean drama asianwiki the.