Its versatility is also remarkable as 100% compatible with paints, carbon fiber, bearing types, and seals. I purchased a second-hand bike and used Phil Wood grease to overhaul it. Bike bearings grease items that help prevent corrosion and oxidation and reduce the amount of torque needed to keep the bike and its components like its bearings secure. With its lithium formula, this quality grease provides high-density polymer for optimum performance despite harsh weather conditions. What's the difference between grease and lube? I ended up having to take it to the LBS to get some grease/lube for it. The result was more than pleasing. This bike grease is a trustworthy and reliable product that will surely improve your bike’s performance. to Compare ... Bontrager. Wet lube is an all-weather lube that works best when riding in wet conditions. The primary reason for utilizing bike grease is that it helps reduce friction, so it is less likely that the part will seize or stick itself in its place. I understand that lubrication is required for pivot points on the bicycle and for the drivetrain, and I understand that grease is required for the threads and the bearings, and for the seatpost. It has two key, but quite different functions: To keep key components moving and free from water entering; To help places of static metal to metal connection from seizing up Dry lubes, so called because they’re designed for riding in … What are the different types of bike greases? I only have Phil Wood grease and it's so think I didn't think it would be appropriate to use. Most lubes unlike are now engineered better, providing lubrication whilst not collecting dirt, and grime and continuing to wash rain off while riding. People usually make the classic and most common mistake when they use a very lightweight and insubstantial household oil like the WD40. Shop for Bike Lubricants at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. This means greasing screws and joints properly, lubing your chain, and cleaning out the grit from time to time. If I need to disassemble some of my home use items for deep cleaning, I make sure to apply a new grease coat before putting it back together again. Wend wax‐on is the first ever "rub‐on", wax … Storing this product is not a problem because of its container’s tight seal. However, dry lubes wear off or wash off easily and need reapplication after a wet bike ride. Learn more. The thicker grease holds the bearings in place better while reassembling or putting back together with the hub, tube, and threads. Petroleum or Teflon-based greases can damage your carbon fiber bike, so make sure you have a carbon-safe grease on hand, just like Finish Line and Phil Wood grease for bike bearings. I like how this crystal grease comes in an easy-squeeze bottle that perfectly fits most grease guns. Therefore, lubricating your bike also means giving it a thorough clean. Because, it really didn’t matter what wet-lube was used, total mileage and performance was the same. Use degreasers and chain cleaners to help shift oil and grease from your drivetrain; this keeps your components clean and working efficiently once you have reapplied the lube. Bike grease vs. lube: What’s the difference? This bike grease has advanced stain-free and water-resistant features. What are the most trusted bike grease brands? So it is no exaggeration to say that this product is perfect for all kinds of bikes and uses. Carrying heavy loads during long rides is also more convenient and safe after applying this grease on my bike’s bearings. Upon testing this lithium grease, I found that this product has plenty of use besides maintaining bicycles and its lubrication points. I have tested it in brutal and grueling settings like downhill racing. Using a thick coat of grease will prevent corrosion and seal out any water from seeping through as well. But there’s one crucial difference, which is a car or automobile grease are thicker and has more petroleum than bike lube. The bike grease prevents rusting even when my bike is exposed to saltwater. You should use an anti-seize grease and stuck proof grease if it is a titanium frame or mismatched and clashing metal known to seize or bond to each other and be used in different frames and structures. Grease is a heavier, waterproof lubrication which is generally used in places on the bike you don’t take apart or see too often. Avoid putting degreaser directly into bike bearings, threads, tubes, and cables, so you do not accidentally remove the grease required for them to function correctly. Come join the discussion about bike parts, components, deals, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Besides bicycles, this lubricant will also work great on other items like knives, garage doors, guns, camera tripods, etc. I consider this as one of the right bike greases because of its unrivaled multi-functionality. Dry lube is a lightweight lube that penetrates deep into your chain links. Park Tool PolyLube is a grease for bike that is especially created for bicycle maintenance, protection, and repair purposes. What makes grease appropriate for bike? Dry lube. I like how this grease keeps the headsets, bottom brackets, and hubs out of wear, tear, and deformation. A high quality synthetic engine oil costs $1.50-$1.77 for 4 ounces, vs about $11.00 for a 4 ounce bottle of bicycle chain oil. Unlike the Finish Line’s Premium Grease (which only comes in tube form), The Park Tool Polylube comes in a variety of sizes, from tubes to jars. I love that this is a waterproof bike grease for headset, bearings, and wheels. Grease. I also like using this lubricant for some remote controls like remote control cars, trucks, boats, and rock crawlers. I can tell that by putting this lubricant, I am keeping my bike and its components well-maintained. Lube Star “White“ is a white, high-performance grease with PTFE additives for an absolute minimum of friction, specifically formulated for use on bikes and bike parts such as bearings, hubs, pedals, cables etc. This product can effectively reduce friction. It’s worry-free to use this grease inside the garage or closed rooms because it is non-toxic and has very minimal odor. I like how the tube features a trimmed tip that can be cut to my desired opening, which results in perfect control on flow and amount of grease during application. Here is a quick list on when to use grease and lube for your bike. It is also quite sticky, so you will end up picking up muck and dirt from the road quickly. Bike grease is also to prevent parts from cold welding or getting stuck. This product is a good road bike grease because beside protection, it aims to upgrade my bicycle’s performance as well. Some brands on this list are great for bike bearings, and others on this list are excellent marine grease for bikes, threads, and other bike uses. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. But that doesn’t mean bike grease and car grease are identical. The brand is also known to be responsive to their customers’ queries, so when you leave a message under your name email, they always answer directly. Although it's not grease, it's perfect for pedals. A … I also like Park Tool grease because it does not leave a musty and putrid smell, unlike other greases that I have tried. The short answer is no. I also appreciate the fact that this is clear grease. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - For those of you who use modern chains like O-Ring or X-ring chains, there is no reason to lube your motorcycle chain except to stop rust. Tri-Flow TF0021060 Superior Lubricant. This product is not only an excellent product for my bike but also for the planet. By adding those elements, I trust to use this product when I go off-roading and ride in other extreme conditions. Properly greased screws and joints will make your life much easier when it comes time to switch out parts, adjust your position, or just do that big end of year bike cleaning project. If the brand replaced the plastic tub into a recyclable can, that would make it much better for the environment. It works well on general assembly and servicing multiple bicycles at once. A forum community dedicated to Road Bike owners and enthusiasts. Not only will this protect my bikes, but this is the type of grease that will also work to protect every automotive part and components. Grease is ideal for wheel bearings, pedal threads, tube, threads, and headset cups. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Short guide for grease shopping. This high quality grease has formulated solvents tasked to clean and remove dirt that may contaminate my bike. Overall, this high quality grease is an excellent bike hub grease. Although this grease is not manufactured specifically for bicycles, cyclists still consider this one of the best lubricants to use for their bikes. Park tool grease is one of the best bicycle grease on the list I have prepared for you. Just leave your name email on the comment so they can reply to you directly. With the grease’s light consistency, this quality product penetrates hard to reach moving bike components. What do you pack hub cartridge bearings in? Another mistake is by using motor oil. The Absolute Bike Grease is a calcium-based grease with an exceptionally high thermal stability as being made of pure eco-friendly oil. These grease products guarantee to enhance the experience when riding your carbon fiber bikes, with safe bicycle bearings. A popular choice among bikers is this biodegradable and waterproof grease for bikes, mostly because the product does not leave stains after application. Or if there's more that requires greasing/lubing. Grease or lubricants of any type are more or less same, which means as they are made or similar purpose, the ingredients don’t vary. A dry lube is applied as a liquid, before drying out to the leave the chain covered in the lubricating e… You might check out Pedros Chainj or Ernesto Lube for a Teflon free formula (or visit my blog for a DIY formula using Bio based bar and chain oil). That’s why I think this product is a powerful lubricant to all bicycle’s moving parts. One might instinctively think that a dry lube is used on dry days and a wet lube saved for wet days. If you’ve ever had to change the pedals on your bike you’ve probably wondered, is this the best grease for bike pedals. The Velo Pro bicycle grease offers two high-quality bicycle bearing lubricants to meet both hobbyists and professional cyclists’ needs. The Tri-Flow clear synthetic grease is one of those pure greases that perform well under the high pressures and extreme weather conditions. Permatex is an all-purpose lithium grease for bike for bearings such as the bottom bracket and other lubrication points for metal to plastic or metal to metal applications. The polymer components also block water from penetrating essential elements to prevent washout and water mixing. Only used Manitou Prep M Lube on my 2001 Manitou SX-R. [Jun 01, 2005] ... Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR … Just make sure that you use this quality grease on clean surfaces to avoid contamination on your next project. For an eco-friendly bike grease, there is something I wish they had changed. This formula is compatible with elastomers used in the assembly of road bikes. This type is one of the right bike greases for your bike. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. We need a smaller grease gun because too much pressure will break the tube. Lube vs Grease. Otherwise, the lube will just attract dirt and soon you’ll be wearing out your bike worse than if you just left it as it is. Shimano Dura-Ace grease is a little bit more expensive than most grease brands on this list. The cables and everything were okay because the lube protected them. Didn't catch the name on the tub however. Plus, if I accidently get it on my clothes, it does not leave any ugly stains. The tube sometimes rips open, and all the greases will start flowing out. Use a lube such as Synthetic Shell Rotella or Mobil 1 instead of a high priced specific bicycle chain lube. I am sure it will hold up well even in my city’s local bike racing events because it is certified, and used by great bike and bearing creators. The local shop uses a grease that was in a sizable tub, grey in color. … It is not as sticky on my hands, unlike other oil. Environmentally-friendly bike grease is from non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients and components that help protect the environment without compromising or damaging your bike’s performance. It helps when I am carrying a big load because I know that this grease’s shear strength can endure up to 3000 pounds. The Park Tool Polylube 1000 Grease in particular is very versatile and is even carbon safe, which means it will be a great grease to use on carbon-framed bicycles. Most bike chain manufacturers will offer these two products for two reasons: dry lubes are for dry conditions while wet lubes are for wet conditions. The greases are ideal for many high-performance pedals as it gives superior anti-weathering protection for the bike’s steel and ceramic bearings. Home. I noticed from my experience that the Finish Line’s product is excellent, but the bike grease container was a little bit of a let down for me. It depends on how much I use. White lithium grease for bike bearings keeps the bike’s components moving smoothly, free of friction, getting stuck, and seizing. White Lightning crystal grease, Phil Wood grease for bearings, and Park Tool grease for tube, bearings, and threads are some of the brands on this list that showed remarkable results upon testing. These are not compatible with bicycles that you use regularly. Beside great lubricating properties, this bicycle bearing grease lets me ride for miles on end without feeling worried that my bearings will get stuck with gunk and dirt, which eventually harm my bike. You wouldn't put low-end gasoline in a Maserati, so save the Pep Boys tube of grease for your Nissan.Highly water-repellent and extremely pressure-resistant, Motorex Bike Grease 2000 provides enhanced resistance to oxidation and aging. Do I need an assembly compound or an anti-seize bike bearings grease? I can take it wherever I go because this high quality bike bearing grease has a compact package that can fit in a small bag. It is essential to know which kind of grease your bike needs as a whole. This bike grease houses water resistance elements and can withstand high heat. But this lithium grease is different, it retains its white color despite the times. And I know that this product is something I can depend on even during extreme weather and conditions. What to Look for When Buying Bike Greases. Good grease or grease alternatives will prevent this! More than regular maintenance and inhibitors, this product can be a top-rated bike grease in terms of renewed bike conditions. Furthermore, this grease does not cause any harm with non-toxic, acid-free, and odorless formula. Add Lite Bicycle Chain Lube - 2 oz. This quality grease improves my bike’s performance with its shear strength and advanced friction-reducing properties. I am glad that I tried this bicycle hub greases product because it is one of the right bike grease for its price tag. Unlike grease Bike Lube (also Chain Lube) are not paste but liquid, lubes are often found to replace lubrications where oil previously would've been used. The grease is LubriMatic Green LMX "Red" Grease...paid $5 for a tub of it. Although it will grease the chain in the short term, those types of oils are not meant for outdoor use and will very quickly and easily wash away with just water. Bike grease is for threaded and woven properties like ball bearings, cables, threads, and parts that are non-moving like the headset and seat post on your bike. This Velo Pro bike grease is more expensive than other brands, but it is worth giving it a try because of the many things this bike grease can do exceptionally. This product is also straightforward to clean with just water. Every bike cupboard should have both a wet and dry lube. With a wide array of bike grease brands in the market today, it can be a little bit confusing to know what type of grease for bicycle wheel bearings and daunting in choosing the right type of grease for your bike. Lube Star “White” provides excellent water resistance and extends the life of all types of bearings. This handy 2-ounce tube of bike grease is convenient for long rides, especially when faced with something unexpected like a sudden change in the temperature range. It would be a lot better to use more robust and durable packaging that is not prone to cracking, preventing messes. This product has a smooth texture alongside its consistently adding stickiness and speed for stable riding in different riding conditions. Applying and putting the wrong kind of grease to your bike could damage you if you are not careful. Since this product is biodegradable, it does not hold up as well as standard and ordinary grease. These types of oil are designed and created for low use parts only. If you are looking for the best mtb grease, look no further. Do not use washing-up liquid and water, because it may contain harmful chemicals that can damage your bike and its components. Both Grease and Lube are some of the most common products used on Mountain Bikes – especially for those who care for their bike. Like all bike grease, always clear off excess grease because it can quickly run down on the brakes’ pads and onto other areas and sections of the bike where you do not need it. You will get a full customer service package when purchasing this bike grease. When assembling a bike, anything threaded receives a generous smear of grease and is … For most, an excellent bicycle grease is good at protecting the bike components such as water resistance, while still can boost viscosity following the bearings’ speed loads. I recommend this White Lightning Crystal Grease because it has a wide variety of uses. Grease - 5 oz. This product is actually great for reconditioning the bike bearings. Remember, although many people think things like copper grease are lubricators, it’s actually an anti seize – I know, the term ‘grease’ can be a little confusing. One setback that I experienced was that the tube broke as I pressed down hard while applying the lube. The Whistler Performance Lubricant has a bio-based formula that is safe to use on rubber and other types of rubber derivatives. I can put it anywhere in my garage or inside my car’s toolbox and won’t have to worry about any spillage. I can use it on different parts of my bike like the ball bearings, threads, and other press-fit applications, including the headset, bottom brackets, pedals, cranks, and hubs. It is mainly used to reduce noise and to prevent leakage and dripping. Super Lube 21030 Synthetic Grease. This grease has a highly dense and sticky consistency, so I know it will stay in place and will not run out quickly during hot weather conditions. Does this get the ball rolling? But one thing to consider about this grease is that it is from a trusted and well-known company that produces high-quality products. This 3.5-ounce product exceeds and surpasses the brutal and challenging demands of bicycle bearings. Routinely checking and applying bike bearing grease can help reduce friction, distortion, and prolong my bike and its components’ life. This product is excellent in maintaining my bike because it is reliable to complete tasks that have anything to do with lubrication. These bike greases are perfect for saltwater environments as it contains water resistance formulation and corrosion inhibitors. It helps to look for the bike grease products because most bike greases carry harmful ingredients like heavy metals and chlorine. So I first want to point out the difference between two of the most commonly confused products we use on Mountain Bikes; Grease and Lube. The sides opened as I squeezed, and the other one broke as I was screwing it on the attachment gun. Dry lubes do not collect much dirt and are perfect for riding in dry conditions. This particular thickener avoids rust, oxidation, and wearing when biking in wet conditions, even in saltwater. Pretty much all my screws and bearings and other components are rubbed with this grease type before installation. It is perfect for my white bike because I do not worry about unattractive smears and smudges that I usually get from black and green oil. You need to choose the correct bike grease products for your bicycle running smoothly and effortlessly. Composed of premium petroleum oil and waterproof formula, this bike bearing grease is resistant to oxidation, corrosion, decay, and rust. This lithium grease is trusted and well-known amongst people who share the same love and interest in bikes.